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Mind Support

Check out all the ways JPlan is here for your mental.

Support Group

Life Coaching

Jplan offers one-on-one life coaching sessions aimed to lead you into a more disciplined direction. By instilling accountability and a safe space to explore your dreams Jplan will guide you with ease to the lifestyle you desire most.

Trauma Release Program

Designed exclusively by our founder Jay through his own healing. This program dives deeply into dynamic ways of pinpointing past trauma, negative energy and low vibration emotions that we all hold on to subconsciously.

Supportive Friend
Crystal Ball

Spiritual Coaching

Whether you are looking for a one time reading or regular spiritual guidance Jplan offers a suite of spiritual coaching services aimed to improve your connection to self, community and universe. Book a discovery call today to see how we can help you.

Nutrition Guidance

As an add on to the many wonderful services and products Jplan offers we now host a new style of coaching directed by our very own Chef Islah. Chef will develop a custom plan for your diet goals while offering the details you need to eat your best.

Cutting Lime

🍄 Plant Medicine Therapy 🍄

Join our founder J Plan, as he guides you through an interpersonal journey of the mind and soul. In a comfortable, controlled and calm environment of your choice you will take the plant treatment and go through our proven therapy methods as you ride the wave of the plants positive influence on you.

Work through trauma, anxiety, pain or depression as well as any other unresolved issues.

Due to the nature of this work we require a 15+ minute consultation prior to booking this service so we can be sure all intentions are aligned.

Mind: Offers


J Plan offers a suite of custom coaching services sure to get your mental in check. Click the link below to schedule a complimentary clarity call where J Plan can find then best program to achieve a happier life, greater confidence and less stress. Taking care of your body is important but mind, body and soul work as one - let J Plan help you achieve your best.

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