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Welcome to JPLAN

Leading you to a lifestyle of improving health, wealth and connection to your higher self.

Pioneering a new way to care for your health, we offer the ultimate ecosystem for health and wellness. Designed to optimize complete body functionality, there’s no better time to start caring about your health than right now!

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Welcome to Jplan1111,

Our mission is assisting & leading people dedicated to improving their over-all wellness. We give tools and guidance on how to heal inside and out. We’ve harnessed the power of globally agreed-upon health and wellness methods.  By providing the infamous foot detox service, all natural herbal supplements, weight loss solutions, organic household toiletries and coaching to get your mind, body and spirit right. We only use well-sourced ingredients that we would use ourselves—ensuring the consistency and integrity of our products.

You’ll be amazed at how big of a difference you see with changing your thought process, diet & taking your daily organic supplements. Health is wealth & wellness. Don’t wait until it’s too late; let us show you how important your health really is. Let’s change for the better!!!

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Dont lose hope! This right here will make you have hope. I had to go to the doctors once a year to test my kidneys for cancer. They found something on my right kidney. Thats when I met J Plan. He said try this vegan challenge, try this herbal supplement (Soursop). After one month, my next CT scan showed both kidneys were clear and cancer free!

Jetana N.

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